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I'm lucky enough to have a wife that supports my hobby / obsession with photography, check out some of my new portfolio shots to see the new lens ball that she bought me, it adds a really cool effect to the shots I've been taking this Autumn.

Autumn can be a very magical time anyway with the broad spectrum of colours in every landscape, I hope you enjoy my new photos as much as I enjoyed taking them!

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I'm not big on writing blog posts but will leave this section open in case that changes, I've been doing lots of cycling along the Birmingham - Stratford Upon Avon canal and whenever possible have been taking my camera(s) along for the ride. The best way to keep up to date with my photos is to keep track of my Instagram account here:


or directly on Instagram here:


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  • Alex Baker

The weather has been pretty decent for a couple of weeks now and long may it continue, here are some photos I took from a quick ride along the canal to Earlswood lakes, about 6 miles each way. Not so bad if I wasn't carrying my camera bag with 2 cameras, 7 lenses, 2 tripods and various other accessories...

I had to seriously talk myself out of stopping by The Drawbridge pub on the way back for a pint or two... I do question my judgement sometimes.

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