• Alex Baker

The weather has been pretty decent for a couple of weeks now and long may it continue, here are some photos I took from a quick ride along the canal to Earlswood lakes, about 6 miles each way. Not so bad if I wasn't carrying my camera bag with 2 cameras, 7 lenses, 2 tripods and various other accessories...

I had to seriously talk myself out of stopping by The Drawbridge pub on the way back for a pint or two... I do question my judgement sometimes.

  • Alex Baker

The sun was shining so I took a short walk around the local area to get some fresh air, we'd lived here for over 5 years before I explored around the canal and nature reserves in Yardley Wood, I feel like I wasted so much time.

It made me wonder how closed off we are to our surroundings, are we too busy with our daily routines to care? Or am I the exception?

Alexander Baker
Birmingham, UK

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